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At this point, you're behind $7. Then you bet $8 and win, and so you're ahead $1. Even if the bets escalate to $16, $32, $64, $128 and $256, when you finally win, you win $1. Imagine betting $256 to win $1! But that's what this system is all about.

The Grand Martingale is even tougher. After each loss you add a unit to the bet, so that you win more than $1 when you finally win. But the loss sequence is $1, $3, $7, $15 and so forth, and this can lead to astronomical losses in a very short time. Avoid this system as well.

The systems players who are die-hard's think that the doubling up method will win because of the law of averages. So, after they've lost five bets on red, they feel red is overdue because of the law of averages.

What they don't know is that there is no law of averages. There is the law of large numbers, which roughly states that the more events played the closer to the theoretical norm will be the result.

Thus, at the time the systems player is hoping for red to come up, he doesn't know that after a million spins of the wheel (excluding the 0 and 00) red has come up 521,202 and black has some up 478,798 and black still has a long way to go to catch up. It may never catch up, but will come closer to the 50% norm as time goes by, and there are several more million spins of the wheel.

If you want to play a betting system, play a very conservative one. For example, you might bet $1 and if it loses, bet $2. If that loses, you just want to get even, so you bet $3. If that loses, you've lost $6 and stop, and start again with a $1 bet, hoping to win enough times during the first two spins to make up for the loss. Of course, you're not going to get rich that way. But you won't be losing your bankroll with one bad run of luck.

Since roulette is a leisurely game you can sit down comfortably and make bets between spins of the wheel without much pressure, we'd suggest that you buy two stacks of chips and have fun playing, hoping by luck to make some money.

Therefore, our best advice would be to play some favorite numbers, make some corner bets and perhaps a few even-number wagers. Enjoy yourself. With some luck, you could win big.

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