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Skrill - European Roulette Guide

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The European game and the American game are nearly the same. The main difference, besides the use of French terms, is in the use of a single zero in the European game, while the American wheel has zero and a double zero. There is also the en prison rule used in the European game. Both the en prison rule and the single zero are beneficial to the players, and bring the casino advantage down to 1.35%. The following is a French wheel:

French Roulette Wheel

This wheel has spaces for 37 numbers, the numerals 1-36 and the 0. Red and black numbers alternate, but the placement of the numbers is different than the American wheel. Like the American wheel, there is a groove near the rim of the wheel where the croupier places the ball, spinning it counter to the action of the wheel, to give it the most random kind of spin. Then it hits metal buffers as it loses velocity, and finally falls into one of the pockets, which is separated from the other pockets by metal sides.

The Layout

The following french layout used in the European and English casinos.

Lets compare the European and American bets, showing the different nomenclature.

European and American Roulette Nomenclature
American Bet French Term
(One Number)
En plein
(Two Numbers)
A chaval
(Three Numbers)
(Four Numbers
Six Numbers
* Red-Black
* High-Low
* Odd-Even
Column Colonne
Dozen Douzaine

* The en prison rule is in effect for these betting choices only.

When making a dozen bets, you should realize that the first dozen (1-12) is marked as P12 on the layout, standing for Premier. The second dozen (13-24) is called M12 for Moyenne meaning middle. The third dozen is D12 for Dernier, or last.

The en prison rule can be summarized as follows: When a 0 comes up on the wheel, the player's bet isn't lost. He or she has two choices. First, he or she can surrender half the wager made, which is known as partage, and take off the other half of the bet. Or the bet can be imprisoned for another spin and if it wins, then the bet is whole, but nothing else is won. To differentiate this wager from the ordinary wager, the chip or chips are placed on the line that borders the betting area.

Since the house advantage with the en prison rule is 1.35%, the most advantageous bets for the players would be on the even-money choices when playing in a European casino. There are many special bets available at European casinos, mostly involving what the French call voisins, or neighbors. These can be the voisins of any particular number on the wheel, which includes the number and two numbers on either side, making it a five-chip bet. There is the voisins du zero, which is a nine chip bet, with eight chips bet on splits and one chip on the trio, 0-2-3.

There are other wagers that are special to the European wheel, such as finals, les tiers and les orphelins, which are rather complicated. We would advise the player to concentrate instead on the even-money choices and the simpler bets, such as corner bets or splits.

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