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32 Red Casino - Money Management

Play Roulette at Casino Titan

This is always important in gambling. It means managing your gambling stake so that it not only can last a long time, but will give you a chance of winning. For purposes of playing roulette, we'd suggest getting two stacks of chips only if you can afford to take this risk. Play with the standard valuations. Now you have 40 chips to bet. To make them last, you might pick a few favorite numbers and cover them with corner or six-number bets, to give yourself a good chance of picking up a winning number. At the same time, place a chip on two favorite numbers, if they hit, you're getting paid 35-1.

Try and double your stake. If you do that, you're doing well at roulette. You've made a nice win, and it's time to leave the table. If your luck turns the other way and you lose, then don't reach into your pocket for more cash. Set your loss limits when you sit down at the table. Two stacks and that's all you'll lose.

In this way, you'll have a shot at winning some money, have some fun gambling, and it won't cost you that much if you lose.

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