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Skrill - Roulette Glossary & Dictionary

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American Wheel - The roulette wheel containing a 0 and 00.

Ball - The white ball used in roulette, which is made of plastic, spun against the wheel's rotation to give a random spin.

Column Bet - A bet on one of the three columns on the roulette layout, each of which contains 12 numbers, and is paid off at 2-1.

Combination Bet - A wager such as a corner bet, covering several numbers on the inside with the use of one chip.

Corner Bet - An inside bet using one chip to cover four numbers at one time. Also known as a Four Numbers Bet.

Croupier - The French term for the employee who runs the roulette game.

Double Zero - See Zero.

Dozen Bet - A wager on either the first, second, or third dozen numbers on the layout.

En Prison Rule - When a 0 or 00 comes up, the player has the option of giving up half his bet or imprisoning the bet for one more spin. If the player's choice comes up then, the bet is not lost.

Even-Money Choices - Bets paid off at even-money, which include High-Low, Odd-Even, and Red-Black.

Five Number Bet - A wager covering the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 which payoff at 6 -1 and gives the house and advantage of 7.89%.

French Wheel - The standard wheel used in Europe containing a single zero.

High-Low Bet - An even money bet that the next spin will come up either high (19-36) or low (1-18), depending on whether the bettor has wagered high or low.

Inside Bet - A wager on any of the numbers, or combinations of the numbers, including 0 and 00.

Layout - The printed surface showing all the wagers that can be made in roulette, on which players place their bets.

Martingale System - A doubling up system after each loss.

Odd-Even Bet - An even money wager that the next spin will come up the way the player bet it, either and odd or even number.

Outside Bet - A wager on either dozens, columns or even-money choices.

Black-Red Bet - A wager paid off at even-money on either the red or black numbers.

Six-Numbers Bet - A bet covering six inside numbers with one chip.

Split Bet - A bet covering two numbers with one chip, paying off at 17-1.

Straight-Up Bet - A wager on one particular number on the layout, which pays off at 35-1.

Trio Bet - An inside bet covering three numbers at one time with one chip.

Voisons - The French term for neighbors, referring to neighboring numbers on the French wheel.

Zero, Double Zero - Numbers on the wheel in addition to the regular 1-36 numbers, which allow the casino to have an edge over the players.

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