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Bias of the wheels

Although, as we have shown, the game is one of pure chance governed by the law of averages, it is possible that some wheels may have a bias. By bias, we mean that there is something wrong with the wheel itself or with the mechanism of the wheel. For example, the wheel may not be perfectly placed on the table, so that it tilts to one side ever so slightly, so lightly that the human eye can't detect this. But what happens is that the ball finds its way disproportionately into certain numbers more frequently. This can happen, especially in casinos where sloppy procedures in placing the wheel have been used. Another bias may be found in the metal buffers, which might get worn and will slow the ball down in other ways than pure chance. Or certain pockets might be worn thus more receptive to the ball. After all, this is a device that is manufactured to certain exacting standards, but those standards may not hold up to the damage that repeated use of the wheel might inflict. Personnel in casinos can get sloppy, and not continually test the machine. Instead, the bias will continue. If you are playing roulette at one of these machines, and you detect any such bias, then by all means take advantage of it. You may see something or may feel that certain numbers come up more than others, in a way that goes against the law or large numbers.

Winning Streaks

Although roulette is theoretically a game of pure chance, in which skill plays no part, there are times where everything seems to go the gambler's way. When this happens, it is wise to take advantage of this rush and increase your wagers. Although most of the time you have to guess which numbers to play, or simply play favorite numbers, there are other times when you can visualize what is going to happen. It rarely happens, but it does happen.

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